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Hi all.  I keep saying I am going to set up a website where I can share the recipes I am most fond of (and are most requested).  I keep saying, but never doing.

Until tonight.

I have been working with WordPress a lot lately (Check out this site.  Very cool.) and have really enjoyed all the customization available ther, and the ease with which you can add and remove and publish and organize.  It’s really quite fantastic.  So, naturally, the two seemed to fit together nicely.

Thus was born,

I’ll post a recipe or two soon.  And I’ll be sure to tag them with lots of appropriate tags so there will surely be something that fits every tastebud’s fancy.  If you have any suggestions, please stop by the contact page and leave me your very own recipe.  I’ll publish the ones I try (and like).  :-)

Thanks for stopping by.  Bon appetite!

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