Spiced (Mulled) Hot Cider

A favorite beverage this time of year is spiced hot cider. (I think it’s the same as “mulled” cider? Google it…) It’s been a hit at a few gatherings recently, so I thought I’d share it here at food.gregshead.net!

1 Gallon sweet apple cider
1 Cup sugar
1 Orange
8 sticks of cinnamon
a couple dozen whole cloves

I like to heat the cider (and keep it warm) in a crock pot. Pour the cider into your crock pot, mix the sugar into the cider, stirring well. Slice up the orange in quarters and stick the cloves into the orange (this keeps them from floating into your cup!). Drop in the cinnamon sticks and let it come to a slow, simmering boil. (Can use the high setting to heat more quickly, but low will work fine if you have the time.)

Ladle out and enjoy!

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